Livelihoods Service Specification

    Business / Entrepreneurial Skills Training (BEST) Programme
    This initiative does the following:

    • Targets 1,000 poor youth and their groups
    • Supports self-employment and reliance
    • Creates employment opportunities for others
    • Consists of a 3-day entrepreneurship training opportunity
    • Sensitises the youth and groups on how to access credit

How you can help

    Help us build the next successful business community in Salgaa:

    • KES 4,500 will support unemployed youth to secure their business future.
    • You can also support the youth with apprenticeship opportunities for practical experience.

    Help us provide clean and safe water to Salgaa’s children by donating generously to the initiative. KES 650,000 connects a school to clean piped water/water harvesting initiatives.

Livelihoods Economic Services

    Financial Literacy Training For Youth And Women GROUPS
    This initiative does the following:

    • Instills healthy financial habits for 2000 poor youth and women.
    • Ensures household economic development as a result of better financial habits and decisions.
    • Reduces or eradicates poor financial habits such as betting among youth
    • Supports    prudent    borrowing    from    mobile applications
    • Consists of a 2-day financial literacy training

How you can help